ATITM: We rate the songs

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ATITM: We rate the songs

#1 Post by Nyarlathotep » 19 Jun 2013 14:04


Roughly seven years have passed since the release of A Twist in the Myth. How much have you enjoyed and/or appreciated each song?

Please post your ratings or rankings (and comments if you wish). I'm going to evaluate them.
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#2 Post by wade-newb » 20 Jun 2013 12:03

This Will Never End 8.5/10
Otherland 8/10
Turn the Page 7/10
Fly 8/10
Carry the Blessed Home 7.5/10
Another Stranger Me 8/10
Straight Through the Mirror 8.5/10
Lionheart 10/10
Skalds and Shadows 7.5/10
The Edge 9/10
The New Order 10/10
All the King's Horses 9/10
Dead Sound of Misery 10/10

I love this album to bits.
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#3 Post by Blackened » 21 Jun 2013 11:50

I still think it is one of the most underrated albums in BG history...(just two songs I don't like)

This will never end 10/10
Otherland 10/10
Turn the page 9/10
Fly 10/10
Carry the blessed home 4/10
Another stranger me 8/10
Straight through the mirror 10/10
Lionheart 10/10
Skalds & shadows 10/10
The edge 4/10
The new order 10/10

Plus: the best artwork!!

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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#4 Post by Edain » 23 Jun 2013 00:19

I LOVE rankings! :mrgreen: (no sarcasm here, guys!) Lemme try ....

This will never end: 9/10
Now that's what modern Metal can sound like: Hard-hitting but melodic, changing in mood and temper with some fresh ideas: weird vocal harmonies in the chorus ahead! Amazing!

Otherland: 6/10
Never really got into that one, although I usually love midtempo-stuff. Great memorable solos but apart from them nothing that really stands out. The "battle" between the choir and Hansi just can't reach the glory of the ones in Battlefield or Punishment Divine.

Turn the page: 8/10
When you could apply the term "lovely little tune" to a Guardian-song with all it's choirs and doublebase, I'd apply it to that one. Uplifting, short and even a singalong-part. And a nice approach to folk metal - so unlike the hundreds of bands with their bagpipes, fiddles, flutes and other weird stuff that had been lost in history for a reason!

Fly: 10/10
Perfect, and again: That's what Metal can sound like. If you strip it of all the posing, the clichés and the generic Manowarish riffing and just do exactly your own thing. Great melodies, hard attacks, singalong-parts, groove, clever lyrics ... and Marimba-melodies. What? :mrgreen:

Carry the blessed home: 5/10
It's not a bad song. And I'd love to love it. But it just doesn't reach up to Guardian-standards. Some nice melodies and instrumentations and a good short solo - but overall a bit repetitive and the keyboards just sound too keyboard-ish here. I think this one would be a thousand times better with a real orchestration, that would fit so much better to the nice idea of a musical-style song.

Another stranger me: 7,5/10
A solid song and it's cool to hear Guardian trying different styles - why not Rock? Good grooves, even one unusual-metre part - gimme more of this!

Straight through the mirror: 7,5/10
I'd like to give it a higher score because it's so full of great ideas (amazing drumming here, the wonderful "just close your eyes"-bridge, longer than usual solo that doesn't get boring, the driving "I'm coming down to you again"-part) but there are some flaws: as amazing as Hansi is, he should't sing that high throughout the whole song. The chorus just doesn't give me the same kick as others do and the sound of the whole piece is somehow "sterile" to me, can't explain it better.

Lionheart: 10/10

The second masterpiece on the album. Almost short but filled with pure awesomeness: Wicked choirs looming everywhere, Guardian go harmonic minor (the "arabic sound" around), some groove parts, impressive creative drumming and the general perfection of the blend of keyboards, rhythm and a wailing lead guitar (the intro! the chorus! the solo!). Make this double (or thrice) as long and it can rival ATTWS. But 4 minutes is enough too. :)

Skalds and shadows: 8/10
Nice one, IMO even better than A past and future secret, which is sometimes a bit slow. I'm from Vienna and I know a good waltz when I hear one. :mrgreen:

The Edge: 7/10
Similar mixed experience as Straight through the mirror but slightly (!) less enjoyable overall. Again I think it's great they're trying new things but the mix just doesn't work too good here. The intro seems a bit bland, the bridge just out of place and the guitarwork in the verses might be (even more than in many other songs) interesting but just doesn't sound so. I found the chorus to be actually quite cool and there are some really kickass parts (the "light my agony"-part is great and the outro too), but as I said - overall not as good as it could have been.

The new order: 6,5/10

Meh, can't say much about this one. Nice chorus, some really emotional parts, but all I can think of is "Little brother of And the story ends". Doesn't hurt, doesn't give me goosebumps either.

Average score: 7,7/10 which would be also my personal guess (8/10) - not the best album, but definitely one of their best and that's pretty cool for an experimental album. :)

Geez, I forgot All the king's horses - my personal favourite (semi)acoustic tune, 9/10 - the only reason it's not 10/10 is, that it's so goddamn beautiful kitschy that I'm not sure why I fall for it. Simple and effective - and there's even a friggin base-guitar-line! In a Guardian-song! And it wails so lovely! And that wonderful simple outro solo - it's a shame this is just a bonus-track.
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#5 Post by Orodaran » 23 Jun 2013 01:23

I more or less agree with Edain, give or take a few songs (I like Lionheart but not that much, and I think Straight through the Mirror is the real and overlooked hidden gem of the album. Also, I love Otherland). All in all I'd say it's a very solid and decent album, with not enough outstanding songs (you know, the OMFG this is awesome!!!!!!1 ones like ATTWS, Sacred Worlds,....) to make it a masterpiece but still something very enjoyable. Favorite songs for me This will Never End, Otherland, Turn the Page, Another Stranger Me, Straight through the Mirror and Skalds and Shadows.

Anyway, I prefer At the Edge of Time more...
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#6 Post by bestpike » 23 Jun 2013 02:32

The best songs of the album for me are Fly,Another Stranger Me, This Will Never End, and Turn the Page. Those 4 I listen to the most until today, and they are masterpieces far beyond the rest of the album in my opinion. Then there is Otherland, which is a bit repetitive for BG standards, but I do not skip it when listening to the album. Carry the Blessed Home is pretty lukewarm for me, sometimes I skip it, sometimes I listen to it. Straight through the mirror is again on the repetitive side but somehow I like it a bit more than Otherland. Skalds and Shadows is pretty much ok. Lionheart and the Edge again I listen to them less often but they are ok too. The New Order even less often. Also Dead Sound of Misery is the worse version of Fly for me. In numbers:

This Will Never End 9.5/10
Otherland 7/10
Turn the Page 9.5/10
Fly 10/10
Carry the Blessed Home 5/10
Another Stranger Me 9.5/10
Straight Through the Mirror 7.5/10
Lionheart 6.5/10
Skalds and Shadows 8/10
The Edge 6.5/10
The New Order 5/10
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#7 Post by Angus » 23 Jun 2013 06:41

This Will Never End 10/10
Otherland 6.5/10
Turn the Page 9/10
Fly 9.5/10
Carry the Blessed Home 5.5/10
Another Stranger Me 10/10
Straight Through the Mirror 8/10
Lionheart 6/10
Skalds and Shadows 8.5/10
The Edge 5.5/10
The New Order 5.5/10

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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#8 Post by Perse » 23 Jun 2013 16:10

This Will Never End 10/10
Otherland 7.5/10
Turn The Page 10/10
Fly 8.5/10
Carry The Blessed Home 8.5/10
Another Stranger Me 8/10
Straight Through The Mirror 6/10
Lionheart 9/10
Skalds And Shadows 7/10
The Edge 9/10
The New Order 8/10
All The King's Horses 9/10

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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#9 Post by brazilian_bard » 03 Jul 2013 17:01

Interesting album that demonstrates a paradigm shift, in addition to being the first album where Fred participates if I'm not wrong. I like it because they made the changes they wanted but were not lost on the way, and they still sound like Blind Guardian, without abrupt changes but the changes are clearly there. The albums with Thomen had a drum voice infinitely more present and intense.
I remember when I heard ATITM for the first time I missed the Thomen drums weight and tone (I'm talking about tone. I think Fred is an excellent drummer and fits well for BG music) but Hansi, Andre and Marcus kept their standards. Listen to IFTOS and ANATO and you'll know what I mean. At most, it's a good album. It's an album that marks internal changes in addition to being an album released after 6 intense and epic albums. It's fair enough. I'll give my ratings:

This Will Never End 10 (I love the guitar tone and Hansi screams)

Otherland 8.5 (I like the song but I think it's a little bit long, they should repeat less some parts of it. I love the start and it keeps feeling well, but I lose interest for keep listening as the song goes on. From the middle to the end)

Turn The Page 9 (I love the main theme and the leads. Reminds me some NiME songs atmosphere, like Mirror Mirror main theme)

Fly 10 (I love the intro and all of the song development. It's just perfect)

Carry The Blessed Home 10 (what can I say. It's one of the musical feel BG makes that I like most. It's calm, deep and beautiful, and still have bright and weight)

Another Stranger Me 9.5 (I like this song. I don't listen much to it, but when I do, I feel right, like if they weren't not so worried about making an elaborated song, but it gets spontaneously elaborated and it's nice, because they are fucking great musicians)

Straight Through The Mirror 10 (I love the song proposal, melody and harmony)

Lionheart 9 (I feel this like an uncompromising song that got very good in the end)

Skalds And Shadows 9.5 (beautiful, BG stuff that they make very well)

The Edge 8 (Just nice and ok)

The New Order 8 (Just nice and ok)

Dead Sound of Misery 7 (It's interesting to have another tone version of the same song. If the original one didn't exists, I don't know if I would like this one, but the original Fly does exist, so it's ok to listen this another p.o.v)

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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#10 Post by TheGunslinger » 07 Aug 2013 12:39

I have yet to give it a proper listen, unfortunately, even though it's "The Edge" that got me into Blind Guardian in the first place, but here's how I'd rate those tracks I've listened to more than once:

This Will Never End 9/10
The Edge 8.5/10
Lionheart 6.5/10
Skalds and Shadows 6/10

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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#11 Post by Gorthaur » 12 Sep 2013 02:03

I feel I like album the least of all, but surprisingly it's my third most listened BG album on xD


This Will Never End 8
Otherland 9/10
Turn the Page 8/10
Fly 7.5/10
Carry the Blessed Home 6/10
Another Stranger Me 8/10
Straight Through the Mirror 8/10
Lionheart 5.5/10
Skalds and Shadows 8.5/10
The Edge 7/10
The New Order 10/10
Dead Sound of Misery 8.5/10
All the King's Horses 7.5/10

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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#12 Post by Gardien Aveugle » 12 Sep 2013 12:34

Already seven years??!!!! No way! I feel like it's yesterday that I bought "the new Blind Guardian album"...
Three years for At the Edge of Time?! But I feel like I bought it one hour ago... :lol:

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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#13 Post by Nyarlathotep » 23 Oct 2013 22:44

Thank you all for your interesting and helpful opinions.

I'm going to (post my ranking/rating and) evaluate our impressions in the next month.
The more opinions, the better the result. Therefore, I would be grateful for every further ranking or rating.
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#14 Post by zevon » 02 Nov 2013 19:21

Being new to BG it is hard for me to rate the songs right now, but I will try at the end of this. Also I will say this, that I think that A Twist in the Myth is probably one of my top three BG CD'S. The other two would be A Night at the Opera and At The Edge Of Time. I rate rate the whole Myth CD as a 9. These guys put out some great music wish I would have found them a long time ago.
1. This will never end 10
2. Other land 10
3.Turn the Page9.5
4.Fly 7
5.Carry the Blessed Home 8
6.Another Stranger Me 8.5
7.Straight Through the Mirror 9
8.Lionheart 9
9.Skalds and Shadows 7.5
10.The Edge 7
11. The New Order 8
12.Dead Sound of Misery 9

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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#15 Post by Nyarlathotep » 03 Nov 2013 01:40

Thank you, zevon. I am glad about every rating/ranking.
zevon wrote:These guys put out some great music
Indeed. Much music I listen to is quickly forgotten. But not Blind Guardian. For some reason, I always come back to their music.
zevon wrote:it is hard for me to rate the songs right now
Fortunately, I want to open the next rating thread not until the middle of November.
zevon wrote:The other two would be A Night at the Opera and At The Edge Of Time.
Fortunately again, A Night at the Opera will be the album of next rating thread.
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#16 Post by t.a.j. » 03 Nov 2013 11:45

I remember almost nothing about this album except that Fly is cool and some harmonized chorus here and there. So -

Fly 8/10
Rest: 1/10 on average.

It's nice that they write more than one good song per album again...
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#17 Post by Twister » 20 Nov 2013 17:59

I believe ATITM to be the most mature Blind Guardian album, as if they wanted to try something less "metallish" and more "hard rockish". Fly is without a doubt the best song off the album, Hansi delivers great lyrics & interpretation, it would be nice to have other songs like this one, and I love Market Square so much more than Straight Through the Mirror… you gotta love the lyrics!
I like the acoustic version of Skalds and Shadows more than the album one (quite an underrated ballad), and I always had the thought that Carry The Blessed Home could've sounded 100 times better if only the pipes didn't sound so artificial!

The weakest tracks are in my opinion Lionheart and The Edge.
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#18 Post by Nyarlathotep » 24 Nov 2013 12:48

Thank you for your opinions.

This is my ranking:
1. The New Order
2. Otherland
3. Carry the Blessed Home
4. Skalds And Shadows
5. Fly
6. Dead Sound of Misery
7. Another Stranger Me
8. Lionheart
9. This Will Never End
10.Straight Through the Mirror
11.Turn the Page
12.The Edge
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Re: ATITM: We rate the songs

#19 Post by Nyarlathotep » 24 Nov 2013 13:02

The evaluation:

I've considered about 50 opinions — from here, another forum, amazon reviews, metal sites etc.
My last evaluation post was excessively long. This time, I go for brevity.

The distribution of opinions.
The vertical, black lines denote the average ratings.

Similarity, average rating, and controversy.
The more similar colour and position, the higher the correlation.
Want to know what correlation is? Have a look at this video.

There are Silmarils below the song names. The more Silmarils, the higher the average rating.

A question mark means „This song is more controversial than in average”.
An exclamation mark means „This is song is less controversial than in average”.
“science knowledge only adds to the excitement, the mystery and the awe of a flower. It only adds.” (Feynman)

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