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Third Demons & Wizards album is Schaffer's next target

Posted: 11 Mar 2018 12:31
by Twister ... this-year/
Jon Schaffer wrote:[...] there's no hurry for ICED EARTH to rush into anything. It's gonna be a while before we do a new record, 'cause this is so new. And the next thing on my docket is DEMONS & WIZARDS anyway, so that's coming later in the year — that's gonna be the focus of the creative energy this year. So we've got plenty of time. We're talking to some labels and looking at different options, but there's nothing set in stone yet."
The interview also discusses stuff like D&W touring, how Touched By the Crimson king was a bit "rushed up" and Hansi's and Jon's songwriting.

A release date this year seems a bit optimistic, but still, in the next months we should be getting Orchestral project, new D&W and maybe even new electric BG... that's something!

Re: Third Demons & Wizards album is Schaffer's next target

Posted: 14 Mar 2018 09:23
by priderock
Pff, what can I say... In the next 3 and a half years we will probably get 3 releases - the orchestral album in 2019/Demons And Wizards in 2019 most probably/and the regular BG in 2021...
Prepare yourself, guys... This means like 30 new songs, when usually we get 10 for the same time..
I really can't express my feelings right now...

Sometimes, I just want to skip all the releases and then in 2021 to make a playlist with all of those 30 songs and then take a long walk... I know I won't do that, but can you imagine it... A moment for a lifetime... :)