Hansi featuring Kai on XXX - 3 Decades in Metal

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Hansi featuring Kai on XXX - 3 Decades in Metal

#1 Post by Max » 05 Oct 2016 09:33


I've bought the double album by Kai Hansen (& friends).
I would like to hear you opinions on the tracks, especially Hansi featuring in "Follow the sun".

I love this track. Hansi and Kai are singing really harmonic together. I would like to hear more of that.
What do you think?

http://www.nuclearblast.de/de/produkte/ ... metal.html

All together I was a little dissapointed when i listened to the album the first time (reminds me on some BG Albums ^^).
But already on the second listening I was taken... heavy, melancholic, diverse and self-ironic lyrics.

I was expecting a journey from "Heading for tomorrow" until now. But actually it is something different from Gamma Ray with a personal history of Kai himself - I really like that.

Follow the blind
Your journey, your last hope, it can begin
These passing dreams were real no fantasy
There are more things than we know
Come take my hand

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