Slayer's "Satan's Children" Bootleg

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Slayer's "Satan's Children" Bootleg

#1 Post by Storm Bringer » 05 Sep 2014 12:26

I know Slayer isn't power metal necessarily but I listen to them as much as I do Blind Guardian -a lot- so it's been bugging me that nobody has tried to cover any of the old songs from the Satan's Children bootleg after all of these years. The songs recorded at Slayer's first ever concert (Before Show No Mercy was even released) are all on the bootleg and to me they're actually pretty good despite the fact that Slayer scrapped them (using parts of them in future songs) and never even recorded them in studio. That being said I myself was finally able to record a cover of one of those old songs so I thought I'd ask everyone what they though of it. 8)
-Thanks for any feedback. :D

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