TANTARA - > Have you heard this band ?

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TANTARA - > Have you heard this band ?

#1 Post by DREAMASTER » 25 Oct 2012 19:47

Yesterday a friend of mine showed me a few songs of the debut album of this band and let me tell you, they kick ass \m/ They bring back the old classic thrash metal sound back.

Here is a few info on the band:
TANTARA is a young Norwegian thrash metal band, mainly from Vestfold. The band saw the light in September 2009 when drummer Stian Sannerud and rhythm guitarist Fredrik Bjerkø decided to take their "talent show" project to a new level. The two musicians recruited Per Semb as their lead guitarist. In April 2011, the Swedish bass virtuoso Max Warnby joined TANTARA after an impressing performance at one of the band's concerts, where he played as a stand-in.

TANTARA's influences consist mostly of old-school thrash metal bands like HEATHEN, ANTHRAX, EXODUS, MEGADETH, SLAYER, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, VIO-LENCE and METALLICA.

Here is info on the debut album and a song from it:
"The plans to make a full-length record began right after the release of the EP 'Human Mutation' in 2010 and the band started the search for the right producer. Tantara entered the studio again in July 2011 to record their long anticipated debut album with the legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen. The band chose Rasmussen because of his background of producing records for bands like Rainbow, Metallica, Blind Guardian and Morbid Angel. The album 'Based On Evil' was recorded during four weeks in July 2011 in the studios ARK Recording Studios and Sweet Silence Mix Suite in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Based On Evil is filled with fast, mind-boggling riffs, aggressive vocals and impeccable drumming. In addition to the melodic and masterly conducted solos one can find progressive elements in Tantara’s music. Their songs might be longer than normal in the genre, but they possess a unique song-writing talent that keep the listener engaged throughout the whole album. Tantara draws inspiration from bands such as Heathen, Anthrax, Exodus, Megadeth, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Vio-lence and Metallica."

Album cover: http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/9913 ... acover.jpg

1. Based On Evil
2. Mass Murder
3. Negligible Souls
4. The Debate
5. Human Mutation
6. Trapped In Bodies
7. Prejudice Of Violence
8. Killing Of Mother Earth

Trapped in Bodies:

What you folks think?
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