Blue Gillespie - "Collective Alter-Ego Progressive Metal"

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Blue Gillespie - "Collective Alter-Ego Progressive Metal"

#1 Post by Little Dragon » 29 Feb 2012 01:11

Today, my friends, you will learn about a new discovering of mine concerning progressive metal bands. They are a small band from Newport, Wales and what they say about themselves is a fitting description:
Blue Gillespie wrote:Blue Gillespie are a progressive metal four piece aimed at music fans who like their music loud, tighter than a drum skin, and unapologetically real. Formed in November 2007 they have already released two EPs, Cave County 1 and the more acoustic Cave County 2, and one album, Synesthesia, as well as building up a wealth of experience playing live.

Their sound is built on epic riffs, brutal intricate beats and aggressive bluesy vocals. Blue Gillespie received a hugely positive response for Cave Country and say; “the support focused and disciplined us and with our debut album Synaesthesia we were able to express what we wanted to say, in the way we wanted to say it. That others are affected by our music makes the whole process even more fulfilling.”

Though they have crafted a sound that is distinctly their own, Blue Gillespie have been influenced by many artists including Meshuggah, Tool, Portishead and Down, and inspired by music from just about every genre.

Blue Gillespie thrive playing live, where their interaction with an enthusiastic audience brings their music to life. The bandenjoy establishing a two-way connection with their audience which feeds the energy of the gig both on and in front of the stage.

The band see the character ‘Blue Gillespie’ as a collective alter-ego who represents the hidden darker side of each of us; the part that harbours dissatisfaction and anger. Through the music Blue Gillespie explore and vent this dark side with their audience.
and also:
Blue Gillespie wrote:Following the two successful Cave Country EP's, Newport based progressive metal band Blue Gillespie present their first full length Album "Synesthesia". After two years of hard work, Blue Gillespie are now energised in the belief that they have found their sound.

The name of the band originates in the idea that all of us have an alter-ego manifesting itself in the most negative aspects of our personality i.e. arrogance, jealousy, hate, despair, self-loathing and rage. One way to purge our angry doppelgängers and keep them from surfacing in polite company is to indulge them through music.

Given a live platform Blue Gillespie invite an audience to join in this release of negativity through sludgy epic riffs, brutal intricate beats, aggressive bluesy vocal lines and on the spectators part, sweaty relentless head banging.

Blue Gillespie is meant for an audience who recognise a doppelgänger in themselves. The angry voice inside, spitting and cursing at a world which never seems to offer a foothold as leverage to enlightenment. The desperate raging voice that has no ear in everyday social surroundings.

By vanquishing their alter-egos through the music, listeners may feel closer to the more positive, optimistic aspects of their nature.
But of course it is always the best to check them out yourself: Via soundcloud
I highly recommend Tripout and Black Waltz from the album Synesthesia.

Homepage to be found here and facebooksite for instant like here.

Try them out, i for myself can't wait for the CD to arrive (only 5£, whohooo), to put it in my cars radio and cruise through the hills, singing along loud, forgetting all the shit troubling me!

And whoever can figure out how i got to know them gets a cookey! :mrgreen:

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I find it kind of sad
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