Dark Tranquility - We Are The Void

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Dark Tranquility - We Are The Void

#1 Post by Baby_Kürsch » 01 Oct 2010 02:20

I started listening to this band when Damage Done came out and honestly I haven't listened to their music probably in almost 7 years (including Damage Done). So the other day lighting struck my brain and I was like MAN! I haven't listened to Dark Tranquility in a LLLOOONNNGGG time! So I downloaded their albums and I have to say the newest album is much different but I really like it.

EDIT! Crap I accidentally posted this in the wrong section!! Sorry :oops:
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Re: Dark Tranquility - We Are The Void

#2 Post by t.a.j. » 01 Oct 2010 06:48

I've some difficulty getting into We Are The Void.
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Re: Dark Tranquility - We Are The Void

#3 Post by somnia » 02 Oct 2010 11:39

It's bad.

Well, not bad. But without character. All the albums up to Damage Done have some sort of a character, a distinction among the others (both other albums of DT and other bands). Damage Done was a great, almost perfect, all-around Melodic Death album, Character was a step forwards in a direction, Fiction was kind of a mixture of all DT up to then, but We Are The Void lacks any property that would make you go "But this is this and that is that and therefore this is a great/good/better than mediocre album". It just sounds as if they went in, made some music, and altered it in various ways so that they can say it's new. And it's new alright. But not good.

As for the songs, The Fatalist and The Grandest Accusation are fine, and the clean vocal in Her Silent Language makes me happy to hear it again. That is all.
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