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#51 Post by The Rider Of Rohan » 13 Apr 2009 11:32

Well, I just listened to the new Edguy-album and I find it... well... hardly interesting.

Shame though. Around Vain Glory Opera and Mandrake they used to be one of my favorite metalbands. Too bad they cut their hair, changed their style and started to suck.

To make up I put on the new Hammerfall. What a great example of a band that keeps putting out great cd's without changing their style. 8)
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#52 Post by Palantyre » 14 Apr 2009 00:01

Yeah, I have to admit the new album is kinda underwhelming. There are a few cool songs, but all in all it has a rather "meh" feel to it. It's quite listenable, just... meh. Shame indeed.

As for Hammerfall... I heard some song from their new album on the radio a while ago. Any Means Neccessary or something. It was not just meh, it was mind-numbingly boring. :p
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