BG Webshop problems

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BG Webshop problems

#1 Post by Traveller in Time » 21 Sep 2018 15:18

I already wrote to the contact/support twice, but got no answer.Maybe someone can confirm that there are problems which the web shop, because i want to be sure that it isn't just a technical problem concerning my account or my computer.

There are items in my basket which can't be removed (i tried to delete cookies, browser history cache etc.) but they stay there. It seems it i saved on the server side. i can't even change the amount of articles in the basket
If i try to add something it doesn't show up in my basket. I have all scripts enabled, tried different browser types (firefox, chrome) and even via smart phone.
I enabled all scripts, cookies allowed,
I even tried to connect via http instead of https, i guessed that there is a problem with the SSL encryption and the server so no data can be transferred (altough there is a popup message to confirm transfering data). But the problem stays.

here some error messages from the console:
Content Security Policy: Unbekannte Direktive 'report-to' kann nicht verarbeitet werden
Diese Website verwendet ein SHA-1-Zertifikat; es wird empfohlen, Zertifikate mit Signaturalgorithmen zu verwenden, die stärkere Hashfunktionen verwenden als SHA-1
Would be great if it could be fixed.
Sorry about my bad english, but the good one is on vacation!

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