China and Japan on the brink of all out war??

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China and Japan on the brink of all out war??

#1 Post by Baby_Kürsch » 24 Sep 2010 00:40 ... cgYjzxvoCw

This is kinda crazy! Im sure you Europeans have heard more about this than us Americans. Haven't seen much about this on the news. Kinda interesting!
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Re: China and Japan on the brink of all out war??

#2 Post by Rob The Wise » 24 Sep 2010 20:01

It's been on the news here, not that much but a bit.. Only thing I know of it that there was some incident about some water things.. named Southchinese lake in directly translated to swedish.. Nothing more that I know.. Just that it was this huge dispute about it between China and Japan on who should own it. Also it was on the news that China avoided to talk to Japan during the recent FN meeting, because of this dispute. I probably should dig deeper into this then come back with a summary or sth. Well now you know what us europeans (atleast us swedes) has gotten to know about it this past weeks

EDIT: just read in the daily newspaper that it was a dispute about a chinese boat captain whom had gotten arrested for SOME reason by Japan and China wants him back but Japan wont release him..

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