While I masturbate

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While I masturbate

#1 Post by t.a.j. » 17 Jun 2010 23:59

While I masturbate the sky is wide,
a toxic sheet, like television
on a dead channel, posed to poison us
and silently men chained in pin stripe suits
shuffle through the shadowed streets.
Rain may fall.
I hear a song.
While I masturbate the fiery arc of the sun
races across the bend of earth.
One sharp step ahead of this
appolonian bow of light
gray men shuffle towards the future.
Elsewhere, while I masturbate,
an old man, his age-cracked voice heavy
with the loss of time recites from memory
the many lines of Sunjata's epic
and as his voice falls silent, tall men pick up
his body and, dissected, frame it.
Though never mentioned, while I masturbate
a child dies, not by the hand of a vengeful elohim,
that forlorn father obscured by clouds but
by the hand of her earthly father, obscured by tradition.
And her mother, smiling, prays for a son.
Another child, this with dark skin, is born
while I masturbate, in a house of thin
metal sheets and the roar of monsoon
drowns out the cry of birth.
But her mother hears, holds, has her
and there is silence in that moment
between them.
While I masturbate three men in a rust-eaten pick up truck
pass a razor-lined border, reaching for a future,
but only one of them has hope, the others heroin.
Each revolution of the wheels, almost smooth like river stones
after years of erosion, takes them further from home.
While I masturbate, the work goes on and the achievers achieve. Others ache.
The have-tos drag their bodies,
worn rough by the inclinations of labor,
into that golden promised land of pats on the back
and wage cuts. Extra hours. Severance pay.
There is a world moving at great speed through a vast darkness
around a searing light, at times faced and at times turned away from while I masturbate.
I feel it beneath my feet that barely touch the ground.
I smell it in the air, cold and moist after a storm, the window is open.
I hear it in distant sounds, made almost inaudible by the many walls.
And as I ejaculate, for a moment filled with silence and a promise of death,
I hear it clearly, like a great tale that has petered out,
a crackling whisper crawling from dried lips.
That I am here, amidst you all.
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Re: While I masturbate

#2 Post by spamel » 18 Jun 2010 00:00

I just watch porn! :roll:
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Re: While I masturbate

#3 Post by Bender B. Rodriguez » 18 Jun 2010 01:02

i rape myself...i just close my eyes and try not to cry :|
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