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Re: America's failing liberal agenda

Posted: 14 Jun 2010 01:36
by Catanduva
Weird how a law that obligates everyone to pay for their insurance brings so much controversy. As already said, twenty years of monthly fees don't reach the value one would have to pay if one gets some severe disease. Hard to understand such difficulty to put oneself in the worst condition and imagine that any human being can have a cancer or those cronic degenerative diseases.
The death panels seem to be the kind of thing that doesn't exist. A board can decide if some medication will not be provided free, but can't decide who will die or not, or who will get this or that medication. This will always be a doctor/patient/family decision, because in case this goes to judicial trial, the judge will make the decision according to medical advice. So, nobody will be crazy enough to be part at this bizarre panel.
If there's something unfair, it's the fact that if you obligate people to pay insurance, everyone will pay the same, unfair. But if there was a health care system in which you would have to show your id card and address to get access to medical service, that would mean that the rich would be paying more. And that's fair.