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My Debut Album (new You Tube link) - Original Brazilian Music with Hansi influenced vocals

Posted: 06 Jul 2017 00:56
by Tablinan
Hi everyone!

I'm a singer and composer from Brazil. Hansi has always been a great influence in me as other singers - Bobby McFerrin, Kurt Elling, Louis Armstrong and so on.

I'm happy to share my first album which has just been released. It is called Rio Escuro (Bleak RIver), a duo I have with a fellow composer/guitar player called Giovanni Iasi. 14 original compositions, half mine and half his.

There's a lot of vocal work there, and lots of layers on the 7th track. Although it is not metal music (it covers everything from ballads to classical waltz, lullaby, swing and blues), it definitely has agression and intensity on many tracks. And it has two songs in english :P


I really hope you enjoy it since we all share a BIG love for Blind Guardian and somehow it shows up on the album. You tube link below:


Pedro Iaco