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Guitar cabinet 4 x 12

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 00:30
by Frozen within
Hey guitarists out there, what 4x12 cabs would you guys recommend ? The style I'm after is rock/metal, but I'm not looking for just 'ooomph and bass' cabs that only focus on low end rumbling. I've been thinking about Mesa cabs (the safe way to go I guess, though they cost an arm and a leg in Europe), or maybe an oversized Engl. But I'm sure I haven't considered a lot of other options yet, so please tell me what you guys use to sound badass :wink:

My main axe is an Ibanez RG prestige and my amp's an Engl SE E670 by the way, so it'll have to suit that combination. Played through a Bogner 412 before and never became really content with it for some reason, so Bogner's a no go for me.

Thanks in advance for any advise !

Re: Guitar cabinet 4 x 12

Posted: 06 Apr 2012 02:52
by Saurius
Check for 4x12's and look for Celestions in it. Most used or check youtube for certain cabs. They got pretty good reviews there. Im still content with my Randall 4x12 400W Celestion 30v cab =)