Behold - Dent presents some new lyrics!

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Behold - Dent presents some new lyrics!

#1 Post by Dentarthurdent » 24 May 2011 00:33

Couldn't find a general thread or soemthing and couldn't be bothered to llok for one, so you'll get it this way. :D

I've been fairly productive these last few months, so hre are three of my more recent babies:

Millenial Speed Metal
This one's celebrating the rise of a new wave of speed metal, and at the same time paying tribute to all the great bands there have been. Let's see who finds all references to bands or songs^^

Verse 1:
Back in time,
Twenty, thirty years,
The Metal was going strong.
Raw power
Riffing speed
Nailing down song after song.

Here it comes
Once again
Speed revival
Is the time
For a new

Decades after Helloween
Comes this new-born scene
With old heroes.
Faster than sharks out of the dark
Re-ignite the spark
Millenial Speed Metal!

Verse 2:
The 90s came
And they killed the style
It returned to the underground
A last sign of life
With Priest's Painkiller
And dead and gone seemed the sound.

But like King Arthur sleeping it lay
Till somebody rings the bell
Gathering power for the day
It will rise up back from hell.

Pre-Chorus 2:
In the wake of Thrash-revival and new Maiden-style bands,
The Metal scene goes on to show: the 80s expand.
Kids in S.O.D.-shirts sewing patches on by hand
Speed is back and waiting for the Devil's command!


Verse 3:
We're the headbanging men
Sons of Adrian
The Agents of Steel
You'd better run for the night
Now hold on tight
This is the Overkill!


Thrash Therapy
Please don't take this one too seriously! May not be the final version, since my bandmates find it too impolite. Pussys!

Browsing through the stuff that's on your iPod
Found Bullet for my Vomitime and Slipknot
Not even Priest or Guardian, where shall this end?
If you're not into Maiden, then you are not my friend!

But no need to panic, we will set you straight
This won't hurt a bit, there's no need to be afraid.
We're Thrash Metal Medics and we'll show you the way
Once you've got a taste you'll no more go astray!

Thrash Therapy!
Thrash (Thrash!) Therapy!
Thrash Therapy!
Thrash (Thrash!) Therapy!

Cold steel rammed through your head
Heavy Metal lobotomy
D'you feel the power of the shred?
This treatment sets you free.

Re-organizing your brain
Throwing out all that New Rock trash
Won't miss it, cause you'll obtain
A new taste for good old thrash!

Gone are thoughts of Deathcore crap
Believe me my friend, they'll never come back!
Now playing: Sodom and Destruction's Black Mass
Feel like old Metallica metal'd up your ass.

Mission accomplished, the patient is healed;
A new world of Metal has been revealed
Hair is growing long again, just like it should be
You will not regret it, for that we guarantee!

Thrash Therapy!
Thrash (Thrash!) Therapy!
Thrash Therapy!
Thrash (Thrash!) Therapy!


Now if you need some help of your own
Don't hesitate to call us, we'll nail the case down
Thrash Metal Medics, with skilled surgeon hands
Working strings, not scalpels, all joined in this band.

When nu metal and core seem to reign above
It's our job to help, our Hippocratic Oath.
Pounding drums, grinding riffs, guitars at hyperspeed
That is our medicine, our Thrash Therapy!

Thrash Therapy!
Thrash (Thrash!) Therapy!
Thrash Therapy!
Thrash (Thrash!) Therapy!

Running Scared
This song was inspired by the winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Running Scared is such an amazing title for an old school Metal track, somewhere between Fear of the Dark, Phobia and Nightcrawler, and such a shitty pop whatever thing does simply not do it justice. Here's my try:

Verse 1:
Walking around in the pitchblack night
Alone in the street, there's noone in sight
Nothing moves, all the lights are out
This tranquility is what night-walks are about.

Verse 2:
Suddenly a shudder is running down your spine
This unpleasant feeling that you just can't define
Your neck hair is standing on edge
Without knowing why, your nerves are stretched.

Look out! (Behind you!)
You sense the growing fear
Watch out! (He'll get ya!)
The beast is drawing near...

You're running scared
Evil eyes that walk behind you
You feel their stare
And you don't know where to run to
You're running scared
A piercing gaze you just can't escape
Growing despair...
You're running scared.

Vers 3:
Glance over your shoulder, still noone around
No need to worry, you're safe and sound
Your imagination is playing tricks on you
Still your steps quicken and sweat is breaking through.




Verse 4:
You hear footsteps
Behind you
What can this be, you are all alohohone?!
Panic rises
This can't be true
You feel you've gotta run for your live

Chorus 2x

Claimer: All copyrights and stuff on these are owned by me and only me. Anyone trying to nick them and use them for own stuff will be very sorry, and is definitely not metal.

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Re: Behold - Dent presents some new lyrics!

#2 Post by Steffi » 25 May 2011 00:55

Very nice lyrics indeed!

The first two songs did make me smile and the third one sounds very promising - provided that the music will fit the lyrics :) . Though I think it will not be very hard to top the the song that was the source of your inspiration...

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