Opinions about my band - Scarlet Horizon

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Opinions about my band - Scarlet Horizon

#1 Post by ebelchior » 16 Feb 2010 05:57

Hey, guys!!!

my first post here! Quite an honor to hang with you bards!

I was wondering with you coud take a look at my band! We´re a power metal band from brazil, and we´ve released an EP in 2007 called "Sunset in The Abyss". So far that´s all we got... but we are planning to finish our full album til the and of the year! 2009 was a great year for us, cause we get to play with Angra, Andre Matos and MindFlow here in Rio de Janeiro.

If you could give your opinion about our work... it would mean a lot to us!


All the best!!!
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Wicked Child
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Re: Opinions about my band - Scarlet Horizon

#2 Post by Wicked Child » 24 Feb 2010 02:07

Hey, welcome to the forum fellow countryman!

First of all, what's your role in the band?


I'm listening to it right now, the song "Ice Under Hell". I'm may not be the right one to tell you, because I'm not into new power metal bands, as long as they have soemthing REALLY different. Don't take it badly 'cause I believe it's more on the personal ground.
Anyway, you're definetely pro's. All of you. That's undeniable.
I love the guitar work, I can see influences of Symphony X pretty clear, specially on the rythms. The one cool thing you guys have is that "punch" of old power metal, Keepers pt. I, you know. Even Viper and old Angra.
About the voice, I would say I would like to see what does your vocalist has to offer other than emulating (quite well) Kiske's voice. And that is because, I really enjoyed the spoken lines as well as the harsh vocal passages -- when it sounds like Chris from Grave Digger. He (or you maybe?) probably is more versatile than he (you?) sounds.
As I said before I'm not the right one to tell you guys if I liked, because I don't appreciate too much power metal nowadays (although we're on a powermetal forum! hehe). But you guys definetely will please traditional power metal fans, that's for sure.
The songs are awesomely well produced and recorded. And the english spelling is quite good, which is rare among brazillian bands (including top metal bands like Angra and Hangar).

I hope I helped. Sorry about anything.

Make a review about my demo on the topic Conehead - Nameless Grave (I appreciate).
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