ok,now is my turn to

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ok,now is my turn to

#1 Post by Bender B. Rodriguez » 06 Aug 2009 07:11

post my "songs"

really, i've worked alone on these and other songs but i've never put much work into them,in fact,i only added a real instrument to one of them(electric guitar),the rest is pure electronics.Anyway,for a guy with no experience i guess i did good enough
here's the link http://www.mp3.com/artist/vacio/summary/

feel free to say it is shit if that's the way you feel :mrgreen: i myself think at least one of those songs is 100% crap :lol:
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Re: ok,now is my turn to

#2 Post by somnia » 10 Aug 2009 00:31

Acid Trip Gone Wrong: Atmosphere is pretty strange and the melody around 3.20 sounds really nice. All along a little repetitive but definitely not b-side or filler material.

La Saltona: Fun!

Intro: This one is the best of the three imho. Not like an intro at all, by the way, but a complete song. And also, this and La Saltona could make great soundtracks.
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