2012's new "And Then There Was Silence"

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2012's new "And Then There Was Silence"

#1 Post by BRi7X » 10 Jun 2017 07:03


Was the version of "And Then There Was Silence" on 2012's "Memories of a Time to Come" recorded with a real orchestra?
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Re: 2012's new "And Then There Was Silence"

#2 Post by Darth Arrow » 14 Jun 2017 13:38

Unfortunately no, it still uses samples :(

This was debated back when it was announced that ATTWS was getting a new recording for MoaTtC, as many, myself included, thought that the only reason they would want to rerecord ATTWS only ten years after the original would be to have the option to use a real orchestra. I myself still can't understand why they bothered to rerecord the song when they didn't use a real orchestra, it was a huge disappointment to me personally.

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