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Blind Guardian on vinyl (and Demons and Wizards)

Posted: 24 Nov 2014 15:13
by ErHaO
Hey guys,

I have a question regarding the quality of the following releases:
-Blind Guardian - Live picture disc 3-LP box
-Demons and Wizards - Demons and Wizards 2-LP picture disc

I know that picture discs often have a subpar soundquality and that some wear quite easily. But how do these releases fare? Sound quality/ build quality wise. I have no experience with picture discs at all as I usually buy the classic black ones. Is it safe to spin them once in a while?

(I just want to check them out and then display the best looking ones at my wall, I bought them in new condition both. Demons and Wizard was still in it's original foil and the BG ones look untouched)

I know that the Nuclear Blast releases are not exactly well made (ATEOT picture discs, ATITM), but these are from different labels (I am expecting the Red Mirror to be pretty good though, considering the popularity of vinyl and other NB releases seem pretty fine).