ANATO: We rate the songs

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ANATO: We rate the songs

#1 Post by Nyarlathotep » 24 Nov 2013 13:25


A Night at the Opera seems to mark a controversial transition in the history of the band. How much have you enjoyed and/or appreciated each song?

Please post your ratings or rankings (and comments if you wish). I'm going to evaluate them.

PS Thank you, Dentarthurdent, for pointing out the mistake.
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Re: ANITO: We rate the songs

#2 Post by Dentarthurdent » 26 Nov 2013 01:05

at the Opera.
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Re: ANATO: We rate the songs

#3 Post by bestpike » 10 Dec 2013 20:09

After 10 years of listening to this album, I would score the songs like so:

Precious Jerusalem: 7.5/10. I never really liked this song from the start, but it's not bad.

Battlefield: 8.5/10. Awesome from the first day I listened to this album.

Under the Ice: 9/10. This song took 4-5 years before I started appreciating it.

Sadly Sings Destiny: 9/10. Similar to Under the Ice.

Minstrel Knight: 6/10. I don't like ballads very much, but this is not a brilliant one either.

Wait for an answer: 9/10. Again a song I liked much later.

Soulforged: 8.5/10. Liked from the start.

Age of False Innocence: 9/10. This one took even more years than the previous to really love. I think since like 3 years ago I learned to love this song.

Punishment Divine: 10/10. This track took me about a year to "get it", and it hit like a train when it did. I still love it, one of their best.

And then there was silence : 10/10. Shown its brilliance from the start.

Harvent of Sorrow: 8/10. One of the top tier BG ballads.

All in all, one of the best BG albums, and certainly the one with the most ideas crammed into it.
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Re: ANATO: We rate the songs

#4 Post by Perse » 12 Dec 2013 18:22

When I started to listen to this album my opinion towards the individual songs changed quite often. But by now I think they are fixed, maybe with one exception (Sadly Sings Destiny)
I would rate them like this

1.) Precious Jerusalem: 8/10. Liked it right from the start, sounds very coherrent, with many different and interesting parts.
2.) Battlefield: 9/10. Awesome song. Maybe they exaggerated the "the field's been left in sorrow"-marching part a little bit. Could have been cool if they were working a little bit more subtle here, although I really like those over the top parts.
3.) Under The Ice: 7/10. There was a phase when I absolutly loved this song. But now I'm always losing interest after the solo. Love the first verse though.
4.) Sadly Sings Destiny: 8/10. To be honest I don't know how to rate this one. When I listen to it I love it, but I also skip it very often. Maybe it needs more time to grow on me.
5.) The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight: 9/10. Great "ballad", the part after "yesterday's memories..." always gets me hooked. And I love the chorus.
6.) Wait For An Answer: 9.5/10. One of the best songs, although I don't like the topic of the lyrics I enjoy how they are written. "Silent creatures, filthy teachers spreading the disease, a release" just sounds extremely awesome. Not to mention the "not the slightest doubt at all. NOT AT ALL" part.
7.) The Soulforged: 7.5/10. It has some nice moments, more straight forwardish than the rest. Maybe it needs more time, too.
8.) Age Of False Innocence: 10/10. Hansis best performance ever. One of the first songs of the album that stood out for me.
9.) Punishment Divine: 10/10. Only thing I don't like about it is the "I hear angels sing" part. The rest is awesome, especially that amazing chorus.
10.) And Then There Was Silence: 10/10. 15 minutes of perfection, one of "the essentials"

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Re: ANATO: We rate the songs

#5 Post by Greektrooper » 21 Feb 2014 23:52

I have to admit that this was the album that took me many years to appreciate it in its entirety! In addition I think that the production & the mixing injustice the album.I have the feeling that too many things are "squeezing" to my headphones/speakers each time something its played from it!! So let's go........................

Precious Jerusalem: 6/10 It wasn't the best choice for an album opener.Big song,the duration made it boring.
Battlefield: 10/10 THE best song of the LP.Period!!! Love the lyrics,love Hansi's voice,love the drumming,love EVERYTHING 8)
Under the Ice: 8/10 Surprised they chose it to be in the Live album.Great bridge and chorus.
Sadly Sings Destiny: 3/10 Easily the worst song in the album.The guitars and chorus are awful.Come on could do it better!!
The Maiden & the...: 7/10 It drags out a great epic feeling.Love the drums at 2.20
Wait for an Answer: 6/10 Great vocals,the chorus could it been better.
The Soulforged: 9/10 Uhhh......another favourite!!! Very touching lyrics,incredible chorus,love the variety of Hansi's voice.
Age of False ...: 8/10 The majesty of Hansi's inspiration!!! G-R-E-A-T lyrics,only negative the kind of boring chorus
Punishment Divine: 7/10 :? :? Saved by the good bridge and chorus.Somehow way too fast without a reason.
And then there Was Perfection: 10/10 Along with Battlefield,these two save this album from mediocrity.Always prefer the original version from the Memories version.
Harvest of Sorrow: 8/10 Unlike the opening,the end of the album is great.Good song with touchy chorus.

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Re: ANATO: We rate the songs

#6 Post by Frozen within » 28 Feb 2014 00:49

Precious Jerusalem : 6/10. I remember listening to it the very first time, on the bus back home from Den Bosch after buying the album in a shady store reeking of hennep, and not liking the composition and also the general production of this track AT ALL. It sounded boring, muddy and overcompressed to me, which for a while totally made me regret the purchase of ANATO. Now, after all those years, this song still strikes me as rather dull and uninspired by BG's standards, but it did grow on me slightly.

Battlefield : 9/10. Powerful epic song with awesome exciting melodies. Could have been so much more powerful and epic though, had the guitars been given a slight twist of the knob to the right. Especially this song deserves that crushingly rough edge ! I really do feel that ANATO in general got assraped during the production stages, but even with the production being what it is, this song still manages to impress. Absolutely one of my favourites from ANATO and also highly ranked in my overal top-whatever-amount-of-songs from BG.

Under The Ice : 7/10. Basically a decent track, but it doesn't quite keep its appeal throughout the entire song. It's kinda unpolished (by ANATO's standards) and it kinda dwells on in a predictable manner, but I could never call the song a filler by any means. It's just there and on the right spot on the album I suppose. That fucking beep though ....

Sadly Sings Destiny : 7/10. I'd best describe the way I feel about this song by saying that I consider this a good piece of music without anything worth mentioning extra in both a negative and positive way. It isn't grand or impressive in any way to me, but it belongs on ANATO like no other song for some reason.

The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight : 8,5/10. I'm gonna go into corny mode for just a little while now, so beware :| This is one of those songs that I wish I had experienced in my early 20's at a BG gig late on a warm summer's night while being madly in love with some girl in my arms (yeah, I know, but I did warn you, didn't I ?). Despite not having experienced this, I consider this track as one of the most enjoyable songs on the album. It's ALL raw emotion and that makes it powerfull on a level beyond mere composition and instrumentation. I know, I hate it too when I write cheesy ass stuff like this down ...

Wait for an Answer : 9/10. It starts off so fucking menacing and epic ! It's just a really exciting track to me, with just 1 minor complaint : the chorus sounds kinda out of place (too cheerful I guess), which makes it a bit of a letdown when compared to the other way superior parts in this song.

The Soulforged : 6/10. I think it's a decent track which is easy to like because of its catchy folky melodies and sing along vocal parts. For some songs that´s enough to become one of my personal favourites. That doesn´t go for this song though, I think it´s a little too underdeveloped and nondescript and barely earns its place on this album in my opinion.

Age Of False Innocence : 8/10. Once it gets going after a somewhat lackluster intro, it blooms into a very strong mature track. The guitars on this track sound the way they should have sounded on the whole album (especially on Battlefield) which gives it an extra boost.

Punishment Divine : 9,5/10. Fuck where did this track come from ? I totally didn't see this one coming during my first spin of the album. It felt like a genuine punch between the teeth once they shifted into full gear after the first couple verses :twisted: It's partially the fact that it's the heaviest and fastest track on ANATO that made me play this song the most over the years. But Punishment Divine is not only heaviness and speed though. Lyricwise this track soars as well, and melodically it has hardly any equals on the album I believe. It just sounds so goddamn refreshing on an album like ANATO ! My favourite song hands down. It should have been around 2 minutes longer though, it ends too abruptly I think.

And Then There Was Silence : 7,5/10. I'm sorry guys, I never got why this songs is supposedly the definitive BG song. It's really wellcrafted, sure. But to me, it showcases a band reaching for perfection while losing grip of what makes me listen to music, that being the rawness of pure emotion poured into a solid structure (not a rigid verse-chorus-verse-chorus kinda of structure, I'm talking about an organic flow through the separate parts of a song) of notes and lyrics. They're simply trying too hard and I can't quite get myself to 'follow' what they're doing. I think they spent way too much time creating and polishing this track. I consider it a fact that nothing and noone benefits from receiving too much attention, and ATTWS is a perfect example of this in my opinion. Still damn fucking respectable what BG managed to compose though !
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Re: ANATO: We rate the songs

#7 Post by MythsOfMetal » 08 Mar 2014 11:16

Precious Jerusalem - 5/10 - I disliked this song from the start and my opinion on it now is indifference, it's my least favourite BG song on the album and maybe also my least favourite in their whole discography.

Battlefield - 7/10 - definitely one of the weaker songs on this album, though my opinion on it has improved over time.

Under the Ice - 8/10 - this was the first song I heard on this album which I really liked, and which got me to further explore this album instead of never listen to it again, it used to be a 7 when I first heard it, but as with most other songs on this album my opinion has improved for this track.

Sadly Sings Destiny - 7.5/10 - I liked it more than the first couple songs on this album upon first hearing it, but it still hasn't been able to beat Under the Ice, also I feel this is around the middle in quality between the other songs on this album.

The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight - 7/10 - a good song which I didn't used to like much, it's one of the weaker ones on this album.

Wait for an Answer - 7.5/10 - this has also grown on me a lot like the other songs before it excluding Under the Ice which was already quite good upon first listen.

The Soul Forged - 8.5/10 - surprisingly I didn't like this song much upon first listen, but it's grown on me greatly.

Age of False Innocence - 8/10 - this song has also grown on me a lot.

Punishment Divine - 8.5/10 - this along with Under the Ice were a couple songs I liked quite a bit from the start and have only gotten better with time.

And Then There Was Silence - 9/10 - definitely my favourite song on the album and was the third song to go along with the other two priorly mentioned that I liked quite a bit upon first listen.

Overall it took awhile for me to appreciate most of this album, but I'm glad those three songs were there to keep me listening to the rest of the album to start appreciating it more. Also I feel that the second half of the album is quite a bit stronger than the first half and wonder if my opinion might have changed of this album upon first listen had they been sparsed throughout the album instead of making a good case for releasing the second half of this album by itself as an EP.

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