Power Metal record label

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Power Metal record label

#1 Post by teo_guardian » 02 Sep 2013 13:48

Hey guys!long time no post! (i post this here also since there is no traffic at all in the pipers calling section)
I m looking for a record label that has interest in power metal bands in the style of Blind Guardian
i know it's not the music of our time but i m sure there are labels out there for this music too..
do you happen to know any? big or small.


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Re: Power Metal record label

#2 Post by UnknownSoldier » 02 Sep 2013 17:41

Let is try to find it together, friend! :P

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Re: Power Metal record label

#3 Post by Dentarthurdent » 02 Sep 2013 22:33

I'm not sure if there are many small "underground" labels which specialize in Power Metal. Otherwise... I always had the impression that AFM had an over-average number of Power Metal bands on their roster. Metal Blade and maybe Napalm Records would spring to mind as well.
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Re: Power Metal record label

#4 Post by weensflyfree » 05 Sep 2013 09:59

http://total-metal.net/ Indonesian Label.

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