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#1 Post by bard_92 » 19 May 2013 12:09

Hi, guys
Please, let someone translate this video :( ... interview/
Thank you :)

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Re: Interview

#2 Post by Perse » 19 May 2013 22:42

Again, there's nothing new in it:

Interviewer: When we look into the future: What can you expect, as an Blind Guardian fan?
Hansi: I think, within the next two years, a regular record.

Than the random guy kicks in and says: How much are two hobbit-years in human-years? Well, until the new BG record will be released, I will have grown a beard. Boys, this was the last interview before the release! To the studio, now!

Interviewer: There's something to celebrate! A golden record, and this thing is not brand new anymore, it's actually nine years old.
Hansi: It's nine years old, it took some time, we wondered that it did, but finally it became golden and now we sit and wait until it gets platinum.
Interviewer: Does this still kick you, like saying "Amazing, a golden record!", or do you just take it?
Hansi: No, we're happy about every award we get and this will be celebrated and not be taken for granted.
Interviewer: Is there a special place where you put those awards?
Hansi: In my case it would be my partyroom in the basement. I bought a jukebox last year and this will fit well on the wall above it. This thing looks pretty good, the jukebox is quite colorful, too, so it fits there perfectly. But I won't be able to play it.
Andre: Into the staircase, next to the other awards.
Marcus: In my office, to the guitars.
Interview: How many golden and platinum records do you have until now?
Hansi: We have sold 2,5 million records and for this number we don't have that many.
Interviewer: So you always were a little under the mark?
Hansi: We did this really often, with some records from the past we're waiting for them to become golden, they're almost are...
Interviewer: So there could be something like a "goldrush" in the future?
Hansi: I think so, yeah.
Interviewer: If we talk about the dvd: What are your memories of the show, it was your own festival, organised for the recording of this dvd.
Andre: Yeah, it was a lot of pressure, to do something like this, but judging it from now, we did everything right. because at an other festival, we would not have been able to put on such a big production with, I think, 12 or 14 cameras. There were fans from everywhere in the world, the atmosphere was unique, the entire fanclub was there, everything worked great that night, we delivered a great performance and I think that is why this dvd became golden afterwards. Because everything was right.
Interviewer: You have finished a chapter the last two years. You released the best of and this beautiful box "A travellers guide to space and time" with all albums until..?
Hansi: Until 2003. Some of the stuff is remastered, some is remixed. It was a nice thing for us to revisited those records and to see what can be done with it. It was also nice to see how well the old records fitted into the frame and, if they are remixed, how up to date they still are.
Interviewer: Is that a little sentimental, going through the music?
Hansi: Yes, none of us realised that we are on the road for 25 years and none of us realised that a record like bof is that old. And if you hear those old pieces again and discover some of the youthful follies, stuff you would not do like this now, then you become a little bit nostalgic.
Interviewer: Are you still in touch with some of the people from back then?
Hansi: The world has moved on for the biggest part. The band still consists of three founding members, only Thomen left somewhen..
Interviewer: Speaking of Thomen: Is there still contact or was that laid to rest?
Hansi: No, there is still contact, not the closest, but we talk to each other on the phone sometimes and Thomen lives in Krefeld again, so we sometimes meet and are happy about it.
Interviewer: When we look into the future: What can you expect, as an Blind Guardian fan?
Hansi: I think, within the next two years a regular record. That is our goal, that we continue in the style of ateot and after this, there will be the orchestral project. And I think this project is phenomenal and will bring huge success for us.
Interviewer: It was 10 years ago when you started this project...
Hansi: 15 actually.
Interviewer: Even 15. So what means "after the regular album"? That is a vague term. 2017?
Hansi: No, I think that the orchestral project will be released 2015.
Interviewer: So, almost at the same time as the regular album?
Hansi: Almost, yeah. We want or can set the release of the orchestral project to the regular record, but our goal is it to finish both records at the same time. And we're doing good so far.

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Re: Interview

#3 Post by bestpike » 19 May 2013 22:48

Thanks Perse, must have taken you a bit of time to write this.
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Re: Interview

#4 Post by bard_92 » 19 May 2013 23:41

I really appreciate it :)))

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