Under The Ice

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Under The Ice

#1 Post by bard_92 » 03 Oct 2012 09:36

Hello guys, in these hard days with no information about the new regular/orchestral album, or even about the collector's box I feel really...I think that you all know that feeling...so I started thinking deeper about the song meaning of some songs, that I couldn't really understand since a long time. Today I heard Under The Ice for maybe 2000 time (like every ANATO song), and I realized something in the lyrical content I never thought about before. As we know the fact that in these album there are some social and anti war elements predominants through the whole album, I think that I'm absolutely right about my suggestion. So, I wont explain everything in the lyrics, but I think that even these few words are more than enough for all of you to realize what I'm talking about : "Cassandra", "safe inside the fire", ""and still the tyrant's face is red", " remember the oath" the last one made me see it more clearly ! Can you guess what I'm talking about or you need some jokers ? So,guys, is it enough clear for you to realize it ? ;)

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Re: Under The Ice

#2 Post by sharpened_graphite » 03 Oct 2012 14:39


No we don't understand. Please explain.

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Re: Under The Ice

#3 Post by wade-newb » 03 Oct 2012 15:05

Cassandra ignored her oath and cheated on someone? xD
I can't think of anything clever to put here.

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Re: Under The Ice

#4 Post by bard_92 » 04 Oct 2012 22:50

Ok, so, wade-newb is just a little closer from the social point of view. So, what I meant was :
For me, writing the song, Hansi really had felt one social problem in a lot of families. What i mean is that somehow Cassandra could be seen as a woman constantly tortured by his husband ("safe inside the fire") , "still the tyrant face is red" and, of course , the part with the "oath" makes it clearly to me, but like most of the women, she's doing nothing to change that :!: There are a lot of moments in the lyrics where you could make a connection to my point of view ;)

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Re: Under The Ice

#5 Post by Midnight » 04 Oct 2012 23:51

I don't think that is the point. The answer could be much simpler - she was hated for what she was. She had the gift of foresight, although was cursed that nobody would ever believe her.

People hate being told the ugly truth.
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Re: Under The Ice

#6 Post by sharpened_graphite » 05 Oct 2012 23:09

My thoughts:
'Til you find the answer
Time out
For our poor Cassandra
She's fairly safe inside the fire

Inside the fire
Awakes desire
Cruelly admired

They'll torture her soul
And they'll torment her heart
But won't change her mind
This is in general about Cassandra. She endured a lot, the denial of her people and the sack of her homeland. At the sack of Troy she was raped by Ajax and later taken as a concubine by Agamemnon. That's what the "Inside the fire/Awakes desire" line refers to. Yet despite everything she's still determined to speak the truth about the future.
Would you like to see me
How I'll cut off
Her head life's a game
A lesson to learn
Don't be shy just blame me
Well, there is no
Need to feel ashamed
Remember the oath
Remember the oath
This is from Clytemnestra's point of view, talking to Agamemnon. She's jealous of Cassandra (whom she is about to kill) and reminds Agamemnon of his marriage oath.
Wake up
It's time to cross the border
Is it true what they say
About the part you've played?
Still Clytemnestra adressing Agamemnon before killing him. "Cross the border" refers both to his return home and crossing over into the land of the dead.
Enjoy your stay here
Welcome to the slaughterhouse

Release from rotten thoughts
No more pain
And no more gods

Under the ice you will believe
Under the ice you will be free
Released from rotten thoughts
No more pain
And no more gods
This could refer to both Agamemnon and Cassandra. Since they're both dead and free of the Game of Gods. Especially true of Cassandra though, since the curse of the gods was the major cause of her suffering. The "slaughterhouse" bits refer to what Agamemnon's house turned into because of Clytemnestra's coup, also to the Trojan War.
Please understand
It's not in our hands
Barren the land
It's all dead and gone

And still the tyrant's face is red
So witness my glory, my triumph, my fame
It's the sweetest taste

King of terror just stop whining
Hold your breath it won't take long
Realize this is your judgement day
In between the killing carry on
Both Clytemnestra's and Cassandra's view of Agamemnon. And generally a view on war from women's perspective throughout history.
Try to understand

You're the artificial enemy
An illusion we all need
For our sake
For our sake

We're not allowed to see beyond that's your skill
Will we ever learn the lesson "We can't fly with broken wings"
The Trojans' attitude towards Cassandra and her prophecies. Also a reflection on the psychology behind the victimization of women down the centuries (witch burnings et cetera).
Break the chains
Time to change
I'm afraid to say but you won't play a part

It's been nice we now get to the climax
Your destination's unknown
Just get out of my way
The tables are turned and women/Clytemnestra has the upper hand. She sees no place for Agamemnon in the new world. But that's also her attitude towards Cassandra.

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Re: Under The Ice

#7 Post by brazilian_bard » 01 Nov 2012 15:36

Wow, really enlightening. Thank you 8)

ps: love this song very much.

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Re: Under The Ice

#8 Post by simopal6 » 14 Feb 2015 17:42

(Sorry for bumping old posts, I'm just reading around and commenting stuff)

I think sharpened_graphite is quite right in his/her analysis, except for the fact the Clytemnestra's hatred for Cassandra is just a reflection of her hatred of Agamemnon, whom she hates because he sacrified their daughter Iphigenia so that the gods would let the Greek sail to Troy. I'm not sure about the "oath", but I guess at some point Clytemnestra swears that she will kill Agamemnon when he's back.

Also, I'm not sure about it, but I believe that the reason why the song is called "Under the ice" is a reference to Dante's Divine Comedy. In the Inferno is an area called Cocytus, inside which is another area called Caina (from Cain), where traitors to their own family are submerged in a lake of ice.

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