A few more interviews

All talk about Blind Guardian, including discussion about tour dates, etc.
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A few more interviews

#1 Post by Dark Age » 11 May 2011 17:04

Hoping they have not been posted before

Interview with Marcus in German http://www.spielemagazin.de/brennpunkte ... terspiele/

Interview with Hansi in English http://venia-mag.net/interview/a-i/blin ... h/?lang=en
VENIA: What do you think about promotion via social services like Facebook, Myspace etc.?
HANSI: You have to use it. You cannot change reality that is simple fact. And the virtual reality has become a part of our life. Of course we use these social medias and we try to stay in contact with people as much as possible. But again it just creates one image that is not the same when people attend our concerts and buy our CDs. It is just that people follow us and they are aware of the band but that doesn’t neccecary mean that they are die-hard fans. We have maybe 220 000 followers on Facebook but these people are not die-hard fans. The value of music is dissapearing nowdays. I am not a pessimist and I don’t say that music will dissapear completely but you can see that there is a tought wind or a though spot, you can say, to all this instruments people have. Young people have so many things to chose for, there is not only one thing that they go for either in music or in anything. Though in first case this medias all help and it doesn’t loosen the string between the band and fans. That is the main issue for us to keep the bond between the people who are really into a music and the only way to to it is to do good music and good live shows. That is the only option we have nowdays. Other than that we could use mainstreamish instruments which do not lead to mainstream success.
Interview with Hansi in Englisch http://www.metalcovenant.com/pages/inte ... rdian3.htm
MettleAngel: At Wikipedia there is this direct quote, "I am a faithful but very critical Christian".
Hansi: Hmnn, that is only half true.
MettleAngel: So you are not a Christian?
Hansi: I was raised as a Christian, and I do believe there is tremendous wisdom to be gleaned from the Bible, but I am not a practitioner of the faith. My family and I do not attend any religious service.
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Re: A few more interviews

#2 Post by bestpike » 11 May 2011 19:55

Thanks man <3
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Re: A few more interviews

#3 Post by Traveller in Time » 02 Sep 2012 18:41

Another nice interview, with some unusual questions, so worth to read :)

http://www.powerlinemag.com/2012/08/31/ ... rent-eras/
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Re: A few more interviews

#4 Post by rain » 05 Sep 2012 09:50

Thanks for this interessting links!

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Re: A few more interviews

#5 Post by brazilian_bard » 05 Sep 2012 16:09

What’s the update on an orchestral project for Blind Guardian? Is it still slated for 2013?
Kürsch: 2013 sounds a little ambitious at the moment. I am hoping for 2014. This could be a great year. Ever since A Night at the Opera, my goal is to release the orchestral album the same year we are going to release the studio album. In vain, so far. But I will never give up hope.

Other more immediate plans and goals for the band?
Kürsch: We have just started songwriting and we are all really excited about it. My goal is a double release in 2014 for Blind Guardian and a 2015 release for Demons and Wizards. Let’s cross our fingers.
Double release in 2014 for Blind Guardian!!! 8)

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Re: A few more interviews

#6 Post by T3hOverlord » 06 Sep 2012 21:41

that will be an overload! Can anyone freeze me and thaw me out the day before the first release?

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Re: A few more interviews

#7 Post by bard_92 » 06 Sep 2012 23:35

T3hOverlord wrote: Can anyone freeze me and thaw me out the day before the first release?
I think that we all want this, so if it was possible, there would be no one to thaw you out... We all would be freezed :D

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