All talk about Blind Guardian, including discussion about tour dates, etc.
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#1 Post by Skrymir » 20 Nov 2010 03:25

I just somehow looked at the BG-Logo on one of my shirts and I suddenly realized something: The 3 big connected letters (B G N) totally look like a 13, a 5 and a 11. I never realized that over quite a lot of years. Oo

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Re: 13_5_11

#2 Post by Precurser » 20 Nov 2010 04:44

Well, the AVitD music video showed us that they're Mayan gods... Maybe they're trying to warn us of something imminent.
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Re: 13_5_11

#3 Post by Led Guardian » 20 Nov 2010 05:31

The world must be ending on May 13th next year!
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Re: 13_5_11

#4 Post by Palantyre » 20 Nov 2010 08:57

Led Guardian wrote:The world must be ending on May 13th next year!
Would be fitting, since that day is a Friday. :shock:
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Re: 13_5_11

#5 Post by somnia » 21 Nov 2010 01:22

Led Guardian wrote:The world must be ending on May 13th next year!
Oh good, I'll still make it to the gig here.
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Re: 13_5_11

#6 Post by Avelar » 21 Nov 2010 17:33

haha nice!

The tour ends shortly before this date, but why would they announce their appearance in Wacken?
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Re: 13_5_11

#7 Post by Hedge Wizard » 21 Nov 2010 23:22

Douse suspicions? And I imagine they'll survive, so perhaps they'll show up at a desolate Wacken for laughs.

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