return of the blind guardian bootleg ftp?

All talk about Blind Guardian, including discussion about tour dates, etc.
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return of the blind guardian bootleg ftp?

#1 Post by teruist » 08 Oct 2009 07:44

yuuuuuuuuuup :lol:
long time lurker here. thought i'd register and give back to the community that provided me hours of anonymous reading material over the years.

since someone posted the Bloodstock bootleg awhile back, i assume this is okay to post as well!
username: bg
password: bootlegs

forgive the lack of stuff, but my BG collection is pretty much nothing. the upload folder is writable if anyone feels like being a kind soul.
server wont be up 24/7, but up enough to not be useless. 8)

a few rules first:
1. dont hammer the server. even if i dont catch you doing it, i check the logs for any suspicious activity.
2. there's a 4 user limit, try not to idle too long/download a ton and hold up spaces.
3. ...there really is no rule 3 :lol: just those two!

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Re: return of the blind guardian bootleg ftp?

#2 Post by Gorthaur » 12 Dec 2009 16:12

Can you re-up the ftp, it says it is down, please, my system got corrupted, and now I have to download some rarities again I had before...

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