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A Story

#1 Post by Kalmari » 23 Mar 2009 14:58

Hello BG fans, I just had and English lesson and we had to write a story and I made one from BG. It's called ''Hans Jurgen Kürsch Loves TV and Fantasy''.
This isn't very good by the way. So here it is:

It was a beautiful Monday morning in Krefeld, Germany. Hansi woke up when his dog jumped to his face. ‘’In the name of Fëanor, what is it boy that you’re trying to tell me?!’’.
Then hi saw that his dog went to the TV and howled in front of it. ‘’Oh you want me to turn the TV on?’’ Hansi said and turned on the TV.
‘’Obey and work hard and feel no anger, just sympathy for the higher class’’ the TV presenter said. Hansi said to himself
‘’Well there is no chance in changing me, cause I’m born in a mourning hall!’’. Then he took the remote control and changed the channel. ‘’A live broadcast!’’ he was excited!
‘’Today we’re talking about fantasy fiction!’’
Hansi was jumping in his bed like a monkey that’s going to get a banana! ‘’My favourite subject!’’ He screamed, and his dog was so used to the word that it knew to leave the room before Hansi would start to sing and dance with it.
‘’J.R.R Tolkien has to be the greatest fantasy writer ever, and his very unique masterpiece, the Silmarillion is one of the most exciting fantasy books ever!’’ Said the TV presenter.
‘’Even a power metal band called Blind Guardian has done a great album about it.’’. Hansi was crying from happiness because his band was mentioned in the TV show.
He thought he was a TV star! He just had to check it so he ran outside in the middle of the crowd and said ‘’In the name of Raistlin, worship me!’’.
The people were looking at him strangely and he went back to his house embarrased abd red as a tomato. ‘’They didn’t know me!’’.
Hansi then went and remastered BG’s albums because of the anger hi had because he wasn’t famous.
Then he went to his book house, full of books by the way! Then he took an interesting hardback national epic called the Kalevala.
Then he red the first lines and he was so hooked that he read the book from start to finish in 5 days without eating or drinking.
He lost is famous belly but he had a inspiration that could shatter mountains.
Immediately he rang to Andre and said: ‘’Come here! We have to write a concept album now!’’
Then Andre said: ‘’Ok’’ and drove to Hansi’s palace and they wrote a concept album full of romance and poetry.
It had taken over 3 years before they lifted their asses and started writing, and now they wrote a concept album in 2 hours.
Of course they had cheated their fan base before by coming up with song names like ‘’Curse My Name’’ and ‘’Wheel of Time’’ but now they had really made an album and it was their best!
Marcus then came to the studio and of course he didn’t know a thing about the songs that were written, he had only been skating and breaking some bones!
The album sold more than any album ever and they were happy about it.
It went in triple platinium in Finland so they just had to come play here and make a live DVD/CD/LP/Blue-Ray/VCR from that gig.

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#2 Post by Dentarthurdent » 23 Mar 2009 15:54

No! my band's gonna do a concept-album about the Kalevala :D
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#3 Post by End Of An Era » 23 Mar 2009 16:47

:lol: nice story!! but what do you want, just regular praise and positive opinions, or do you want us to help you with correcting it too?

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#4 Post by Kalmari » 23 Mar 2009 16:57

Well you can do whatever you want but I wasn't too serious when I was making it, so every criticism and artistic views from it are pretty much useless :lol:

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#5 Post by Metal Fan » 27 Mar 2009 17:06

:lol: funny
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#6 Post by NovaJokerInk » 06 Apr 2009 15:42

Really funny! :D
Why don't you write another story about Hansi the Warlord? Somekind of fantasy novel with TOO many dragons and cool things :D

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