Blind Guardian in Israel (?)

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Blind Guardian in Israel (?)

#1 Post by Fayinga » 23 Feb 2015 11:19

So... Hi. I'm Yaron, a fan of Blind Guardian and I live in Metar, Israel. I've been hearing Blind Guardian for a long time and love every single Album, never tiring of their wonderful, wonderful music. I recently saw that they have released a new album, and I started contacting record shops all around Israel to find a disc. I found nothing. There are no marchendise suppliers for Blind Guardian in Israel at all, and if someone is unable to purchase things online (like me!) and it is rather frustarting :cry:

I get it. There is a huge Media ban on Israel because of it's actions. But the politicians doesnt even care. They arent harrassed by it. They are too old to even listen to those "new" bands, as they say. It's a shame that the people who doesnt care about politics and only want to be in live concerts and hear good music are damage by it... So I wish to ask, is it possible for you guys (Blind Guardian) to perform in Israel? It's been realy long since you were last here (2007, wasnt it? Cant remember) and we are eager for another. For you guys Blind Guardian fans, if you could help in any way that you can, it'll be wonderful. Hopefuly, we'll bring Blind Guardian to IL again!

Good day... Yaron.
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Re: Blind Guardian in Israel (?)

#2 Post by Sleeping Dragon » 23 Feb 2015 14:06

Metal bands not coming to Israel isn't usually a matter of politics and more a matter of the country being a remote niche market.

It's true that the occasional security tension puts a lid on many productions for certain periods of time. But in general, even in stable times, most metal bands aren't confident about filling a big enough venue in Israel to justify the huge cost of travel and production. It also doesn't help that local promoters have a history of being total assholes.
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