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Your Jobs

#1 Post by T3hOverlord » 30 Nov 2011 00:10

Ok everyone post their job and something bad about it only employees would know

I'll start:
I work at McDonalds and we only change the deep frying oil once per month, the fries used to be made from turnips about 4 years ago, the chicken meat is bleached white, and the grilled chicken pieces usually sit in the UHC for hours on end. People dont wash their hands and your food falls on the floor all the time then is served to you

EDIT: dont eat breakfast there before about 7:30 because before then, the eggs are usually about 1-2 hours old when they are supposed to only have a UHC life of 20 mins
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Re: Your Jobs

#2 Post by End Of An Era » 30 Nov 2011 00:30

^doesn't surprise me at all. :P

ok, for my job:
I work at a filter supplier, of which I will not disclose the name, where I work as project engineer. I run the technical projects within the company which the outside sales persons hand over to me. Policy at my job is selling filters for the maximum price possible for a certain customer. This means absurdly high margins sometimes when we offer something we can code incomprehensibly so that the competition cannot figure out the exact specifications.

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Re: Your Jobs

#3 Post by Bender B. Rodriguez » 30 Nov 2011 01:41

meh,my job is buying cars at a low price .. then sell the at a higher price...

pretty straight forward :mrgreen:

ok but,when i'm buying i always say it's for my personal use,when it's Bender.
oh and this past couple of months have been horrible business wise.
that,only I know :(
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Re: Your Jobs

#4 Post by Orodaran » 30 Nov 2011 11:32

I work as a technical assistant for a famous brand of computers, I answer to customers' mails.

Well, there's not much of a dark side in the service as it is; computers are what they are, we are the assistance and so we see only how many break, we never get to hear about the countless computers that work perfectly fine; but we technicians relentlessly insult, make fun and laugh about stupid customers. Who never see it because all they get is a "Dear customer, best regards" polite thing :P

Anyway, we make fun only of those who deserve it, for example:
- Customers rude or insulting;
- Customers who are simply not able to write in their own mother language or use those goddamn SMS-like abbreviations;
- Customers who do not fucking read what is written in their own mother language (example: "Dear customer, the courier will bring the package for the computer" and they reply "Do I have to pack the computer on my own?"), we actually have nicknames for everybody here taken from customers mispelling our names (Again, you receive a mail from a dude. The dude signs himself with name and surname. How fucking difficult is to scroll down and go "mh, let's check out again how the technician is called" rather typing up a "Hi mr. [wrong name]" instead?

Note that I'm not even talking about their skills (or lack of), because it's perfectly understandable that not everyone get how a computer works and needs the assistance. But if you are able to explain to the doctor why you feel bad even if you didn't study medicine, I expect you to be able to comunicate to another person that speaks (and write) your same language what's wrong with your computer even if you don't have tech skills.
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Re: Your Jobs

#5 Post by Sleeping Dragon » 30 Nov 2011 17:51

Landscape Architect.

we come off trying to do our best for the public but basically our whole method of work and business is outdated and wasteful.
my personal laptop carries more computing power than 5 of our desktops at work and the programs we use are old, not well adjusted for our use, and on top of that we operate them inexpertly.
it takes days and days to do things that a decent computer, equipped with adequate software, should help you do in a couple of hours without having to program your way through drawing a straight line. FUN!
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Re: Your Jobs

#6 Post by Desert_Storm » 30 Nov 2011 21:23

Nothing too spectacular here, but anyways...

I work as a guitar teacher. Since public music schools are massively subsidised, there's always a point when the state runs out of money to pay any more teachers when they still have people interested in taking lessons and there's nothing available. People then tend to go to private music schools, where one usually pays at least twice as much while the "experienced teacher", often a second semester music student, gets a third of what he would normally be paid. To do something against the growth of private music schools, some public schools will then also hire students who moonlight there. Customers of those schools then believe that they have a fully qualified teacher with a completed degree, that they only pay a third of the lesson and the rest is subsidised and that the teacher they go to is a legal employee of the state, of which none is true.

edit: By the way, interesting what jobs some of you guys have :)
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Re: Your Jobs

#7 Post by Isis65 » 01 Dec 2011 15:04

I am a midwife coordinator in the largest university clinic in the region where I live .... I have no secrets to reveal, as we work with a wide audience, and often end up in the newspapers for our business .... something that does not I never tire of repeating to all is the fact that 2/3 of the things we do not have any utility from the clinical point of view, it serve only to avoid being tried and convicted in the case of complaints and claims from the women .. ..
Is obvious and understandable that when something goes wrong in our field there are inquiries, complaints, criminal trials, ours is a difficult job ...
Unfortunately, none of us is infallible, even if we all work to the best of our knowledge and ability to do so .... but it is difficult to accept for those who have just lost a son or, worse, has a child with serious problems and often completely disabling ....
For that reason, we make a lot of useless things, often completely unpleasant, certainly very expensive, but in the case of criminal proceedings it can protect us ....
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Re: Your Jobs

#8 Post by ra me nivar » 27 Dec 2011 13:16

As I see it I sit in a chair in front of a computer, try my best to avoid boredom, and get paid at the end of every month.

Well, ok, let's go deeper, let's see what my resumee says: I'm a consultant in business intelligence (which is pretty basic stuff as business aren't intelligent but greedy and hungry). It's a good job because the software required is simple yet stubborn and few people around have the dullness and the patience to work it out, so it's like my reflection made code.

The dark secrets to share: though I work in weather related stuff (honestly I don't know what these numbers are, neither I care) my company is also a proud manufacturer of military shit: like the McDonalds, only more straighforward. Some time ago I suggested then to put a big label saying something like "proudly getting people slain since 1925!" but they didn't take the advice.

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Re: Your Jobs

#9 Post by Andreas » 27 Dec 2011 13:56

Cleaning offices, tonight and tomorrow night.

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Re: Your Jobs

#10 Post by Sarah » 27 Dec 2011 16:19

I'm a journalist, currently working for a trilingual channel called France24 (in French, English and Arabic), specialised in international news. It's quite interesting and there's a good spirit throughout.

My duty there is to be a "international exchanges coordinator", meaning i receive all things agencies, whether videos or live broadcasts, sort and filter them, give it a lil' hierarchy and give it to whoever needs it.
It's fascinating, as I'm at the very first filter of information, and get to see absolutely everything that is sent to us, 90% of which will never make it to the air. Involves dead bloody mashed up corpses in Syria just as well as the "duh???" videos of dwarf weddings and other crazy stuff the national Chinese TV sends out. And everything that's in between.

I really like my job, and so far, haven't been confronted to more darkside than just a couple of individuals carry in their own mind.
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Re: Your Jobs

#11 Post by Lilyael » 30 Dec 2011 22:20

I type unprintable stuff in the 'why was this customer overpaid' field, depending on their city and postcode, and wish I could press 'confirm'. But I don't.

The rest, I really can't tell you, I'd have to kill you! (Official secrets act etc - civil service)

btw that Maccie D's stuff....I knew someone who pissed in the orange juice. I never eat there.... :shock:
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Re: Your Jobs

#12 Post by Andreas » 31 Dec 2011 14:29

So that's why you've been away here for so long :D

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Re: Your Jobs

#13 Post by spamel » 12 Jan 2012 00:01

Again, naming no names but I work for one of the big six energy companies. The amount of waste in my immediate work is apparent to even me, and I am talking close to 4 grand a month on my van stock alone. This is reflected in my pay and customer billings, (I could be paid more and they could pay less) and even though I have raised this point numerous times nothing has happened so far. we are using an automated system for stock replacement that barely works, so we waste fuel driving all over town to meet one of our work mates to get stock from them, we use a computer worth two grand but is as good as nothing and there are numerous other problems. I suppose they pay me at the end of the month and I should be grateful, but I am not.

I know that there are a number of intelligent people on this forum, I suggest looking for a book called The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists which is available from Project Gutenberg as a free download. It basically shows what happens when people have this "I should just be grateful....." attitude towards their work, amongst other things. It is a very old book, but probably as relevant today as it ever was.
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Re: Your Jobs

#14 Post by (old wise) bombadil » 13 Jan 2012 23:20

Employed in a big freight forwarding company, mostly taking care of air shipping spare parts and materials for on-shore / off-shore projects, oilwell plants and energy companies.

Definitely stressful as I have to chase urgent requests and delays, that makes me hating very often my working day.

Also far from peace of mind, I'm still questioning myself if I may have a responsibility in the damages our clients are spreading elsewhere in the world, like the Gulf of Mexico or the Niger Delta (well you may know who our customers are).

Sometimes I feel like someone producing bullets that may think "it's not me who's going to shoot other people...but am I part of the fault?"

I just hope to change job very soon.
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Re: Your Jobs

#15 Post by Bender B. Rodriguez » 26 Jan 2012 05:30

well i'm unemployed again...but i do have a plan...a couple of weeks from now i'll be Santiago's newest cab driver...VROOOM VROOOM
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Re: Your Jobs

#16 Post by Metal Fan » 06 Feb 2012 07:11

I sit on my ass selling useless crap on eBay, eat and play Star Wars Battlefront I on my Xbox.
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