Lol Texas

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Lol Texas

#1 Post by Joost » 30 Nov 2009 00:12

This is what you get for trying to ban gay marriage:
You charge each other for the time and breath it takes to say 'good morning',
But the truth is slowly dawning -- things are getting out of hand,
We all pursue our shattered dreams along the roads to our own ruin --
Watch our empires sink and wash away like castles made of sand.
And so cast off the lies that are your lives and find the truth within.
-- Martin Walkyier

Also, Balrogs have wings.

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Gandalf de Grijze
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Re: Lol Texas

#2 Post by Gandalf de Grijze » 30 Nov 2009 00:22

LOL. just when you think a law couldn't be more stupid, they make it more stupid.
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Re: Lol Texas

#3 Post by t.a.j. » 30 Nov 2009 01:03

It would be nice if those lawyers took the time to spell out what exactly is wrong with the wording in their eyes. From a logical point of view, marriage is identical to marriage and therefore cannot be created or recognized by the state of Texas. But maybe I'm wrong and the US legal community assumes that "identical" in a legal text means the same as similar, only more so, almost but not yet quite full identity. Or maybe there is some secret trick involving some article of the Texan consitution required to pull of the law mongering. Anyhow, I would like to know.
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End Of An Era
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Re: Lol Texas

#4 Post by End Of An Era » 01 Dec 2009 20:29

there should be a law against such laws.. :P

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