Stupid people of the day thread

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Stupid people of the day thread

#1 Post by Lilyael » 23 Oct 2009 15:42

I just had the most amazingly idiotic person on the phone. She returned a certain form which requires one to give one's mother's maiden name, so she put the first name. ( you'd be amazed how often this happens actually ) I rang up asking for the surname and she said "I don't know it, she died before I was born."


Then she told me her mother'd died when she was only two, and said she had two names. "Was one of them her surname ?" I ask, managing to keep the "you are such an eejit" tone from my voice - go me.
"yes." she said.


Wish I hadn't bothered. It's like pulling teeth with some of these people. And they want jobs with us ? :o
.......and you deserve us, Leviathan

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Re: Stupid people of the day thread

#2 Post by Orodaran » 23 Oct 2009 20:20

The stupid award of the day goes to an hysteric bitch that called me (I work as a technical assistant, now temporarily I'm back to getting phone calls, usually I answer mails):

"Can you please give me your case number?" (so I can look for it in the database and know who the hell you are)
"Case number???? I don't know about a case number, listen, I don't know anything about computers"

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