apple and need

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apple and need

#1 Post by t.a.j. » 22 Apr 2009 22:17

And one of these
a taste of apple and need
like summer and south
cracked in her mouth
sprung like a seed
that crashed from the boughs
on a lonely stone
and baked in the heat
as the sun shone on
and the sweat on her skin
was the color of sin
all of orange and bright
in the deep folds of fright
wearing thin
through a cloth comes the light
through her mouth all of her fears and they bleed...
They say that there's a broken light for every heart on Broadway.
They say that life's a game, then they take the board away.
They give you masks and costumes and an outline of the story
Then leave you all to improvise their vicious cabaret...

Still the goddamn Batman.

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