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Fiona McIntosh

#1 Post by wanderingscribe » 02 Aug 2010 04:29

Any fans of her work here? So far she's published four trilogies (Trinity, The Quickening, Percheron and Valisar) and is about to start work on another. I tend to prefer her crime novels (two and counting) because that's more my genre, but fantasy readers who are familiar with the like of Robin Hobb or Sara Douglass will find plenty to enjoy about her books. A song or two about the worlds of Tallinor or Mongravia would sound right at home on a BG album too. Are you listening, Bards? ;)

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Re: Fiona McIntosh

#2 Post by Lilyael » 03 Aug 2010 22:47

I started one of her books - Myrren's Gift - but never finished it. Not because it was bad, it wasn't, but because I couldn't be arsed with yet another 'let's milk it for all it's worth' fantasy trilogy. It's perfectly possible to write fantasy without it turning into a 12-book epic!!!

Anyway that wasn't the point was it. I didn't like Wil.
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