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by Rose Immortal
05 Jun 2007 17:20
Forum: Otherland
Topic: What book are you reading?
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By Honor Betray'd, by Debra Doyle and James MacDonald. It's the third book in the Mageworlds series...highly recommended!
by Rose Immortal
18 Oct 2006 17:22
Forum: Imaginations from the Other Side
Topic: Because words matter (Lyrics thread)
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A road we could take if we're not careful: Ayreon--Evil Devolution The future's doored ingress! What lies beyond? One of you - ah, survived so much! - are you man enough to force this door upon its golden hinge? You craved the answer - but can you bear the truth? The door --! The Future --! [futurem...
by Rose Immortal
15 Aug 2005 02:57
Forum: Guardian of the Blind
Topic: COME TO ___________!!!!
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Come to Memphis! We get no metal love here, and we're starving! :(