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by Vanni Fucci
09 Jan 2016 14:09
Forum: Guardian of the Blind
Topic: Rating all that is beyond the red mirror
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Re: Rating all that is beyond the red mirror

The Ninth Wave 7 Twilight of the Gods 6,5 Prophecies 9 At the Edge of Time 8 Ashes of Eternity 8 Distant Memories 8,5 The Holy Grail 9,5 The Throne 9 Sacred Mind 7,5 Miracle Machine 7,5 Grand Parade 8 Doom 9 I consider it a very solid release, roughly on the same level as the previous one, despite b...
by Vanni Fucci
26 Dec 2015 11:13
Forum: Guardian of the Blind
Topic: Where is it?
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Re: Where is it?

I wouldn't call it embarrassing. Maybe they weren't too impressed with their last one and decided to go for a lyric video instead.
By the way, music videos are seem to be on the decline, and metal bands never got tons of airplay anyway. :(
by Vanni Fucci
26 Apr 2015 19:18
Forum: Guardian of the Blind
Topic: Setlist discussion for 2015
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Re: Setlist discussion for 2015

They played "journey through the dark" during the first two shows then they dropped it out of the set. That's disappointing, it's one of my favorite BG songs. What's kinda surprising is that they're playing fewer songs off Imaginations, favoring a more balanced setlist. The setlists are all cool, y...
by Vanni Fucci
02 Feb 2015 13:12
Forum: Guardian of the Blind
Topic: Blind Guardian's 10th Album, "Beyond the Red Mirror"
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Re: Blind Guardian LP10

Hi guys, new user here. Don't know if this has been discussed before, but I'm kinda pissed off at NB for butchering the album's concept. It seems to me that the two bonus tracks are no leftovers or b-sides. Worse yet, "Doom" is actually meant to represent the end of the story! So in the end having t...