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by kgeorge
13 Feb 2012 11:44
Forum: Coffee Shop
Topic: Trailer Park Bards?
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Re: Trailer Park Bards?

I never heard of Park Bards but it sounds interesting. I will check if I can watch it online. ... Hearts, flowers, soulmates, one's and only's, together foreverer's? Bah! ... I have to admit that I do believe in this because it is so romantic. I totally believe that everyone has its soulmate out the...
by kgeorge
13 Feb 2012 08:38
Forum: Coffee Shop
Topic: Car question
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Re: Car question

When you come to think of it, there is no standard a car should look like and they are all great in their own way but when you see a design car a little too much, then it will be common to your eyesight which would not even catch your attention when you see one passing. The reason that Ferrari's are...
by kgeorge
13 Feb 2012 08:36
Forum: The Slaughterhouse
Topic: How fast is your internet connection?
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Re: How fast is your internet connection?

Clocked at 10mbps by the service provider, though that is only something it can achieve at its maximum and on the average, I reckon that it will comfortably work at around 7mbps max.
by kgeorge
13 Feb 2012 08:34
Forum: Otherland
Topic: Big Bang Theory
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Re: Big Bang Theory

Bazinga! I just love the tv series, though not a lot of people appreciate it. They say that one of its major drawbacks is the type of canned laughter it uses that dictates right about the time that you are supposed to take a laugh at it. I like Raj's character which is again one of those sort of "si...
by kgeorge
13 Feb 2012 08:32
Forum: Otherland
Topic: Elder Scroll V: Skyrim
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Re: Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

Skyrim has really been a great game so far and something that really interests me. I love how the world is really big that you can pretty much devote a lot of time with just discovering each boundary you are going to get at. Though I hate those people who would claim they are playing a hard game onl...
by kgeorge
13 Feb 2012 08:31
Forum: Otherland
Topic: the latest movie releases
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Re: the latest movie releases

I was really excited to watch the girl with the dragon tattoo and it was just nice. I was able to finish the book just before we watched it on the big screen and it was captivating though had a lot of scenes that are taboo for some, going. The story was quite unusual, but something that happens in r...