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by Ben G
20 Jan 2011 10:13
Forum: Imaginations from the Other Side
Topic: Best concert experience?
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Best concert experience?

What was the best concert experience you have ever had? What made it so great? I guess I will start with mine first. My brother got a 15 day leave from the army after completing basic training and it so happened that Iron Maiden was touring during that time. My brother made a decision to take me to ...
by Ben G
17 Jan 2011 03:52
Forum: Otherland
Topic: Elder Scroll V: Skyrim
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Re: Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

I wouldn't get rid of level scaling entirely. Maybe level scaling should be a changeable option or level scaling in moderation.
by Ben G
17 Jan 2011 03:07
Forum: Coffee Shop
Topic: Firefox/Google Chrome/Opera
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Re: Firefox/Google Chrome/Opera

I have Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera, and I have used Chrome once. From my experience, I have not seen much speed difference between Firefox, Opera, or Chrome. I actually use Opera because I like the features that it comes with: Mouse gestures, spell check, tabbed browsing, tab stacking, the...