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by minchevm
28 Oct 2010 15:16
Forum: Site and Forum
Topic: Site and album...
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Site and album...

Hi Barts!

Great new album I would say... but a slummy new web site. The old design was great!

But let's stick up to the music - I really prefer great album that to have fancy site. I guess we cannot have both, huh ;-)

by minchevm
04 Jul 2010 20:44
Forum: Guardian of the Blind
Topic: Thank you for being in Bulgaria!
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Thank you for being in Bulgaria!

It is quite old I guess as I'm looking to the site because of the new album...

Thank you for being in Bulgaria (twice)! It has been a dream for me being at a concert of yours for over 15 years! I hope I'll see you again soon somewhere in Europe!

Thanks for the good music folks!