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by FrozenFire
24 Nov 2006 11:27
Forum: Imaginations from the Other Side
Topic: Because words matter (Lyrics thread)
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STORMWITCH - Tears By The Firelight Tears by the firelight, he won't be home tonight The Royal order reached him now to fight for the land Eyes at the window-pane, staring through pouring rain All the room is cold and grey, the fire burns bright Every night there is no one beside She's counting the ...
by FrozenFire
06 Nov 2006 19:20
Forum: Otherland
Topic: What book are you reading?
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Heinrich Insistoris, Jacob Sprenger - Malleus Maleficarum
(it's not fantasy, but I'm currently reading it)
by FrozenFire
09 Sep 2006 13:21
Forum: Imaginations from the Other Side
Topic: Last CD(s) You Bought
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Rage - Speak of the dead